Simple Wah Circuits and Schematics

I wanted to post some wah circuits that I found.

Wah circuit #1

This first one is from a great page that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about WAH PEDALS.
wah circuit 1

View the whole article here:

Wah circuit #2

This next one is from
dunlop wah circuit schematic

I found the article here:
wah schematic

Wah circuit #3

This one just looked really simple. I think you can even buy the kit from the page.
simple wah circuit schematic #3

View the article here:
wah wah circuit kit project

That’s just a few of the many that I found. Again, I really like the first link because the page really goes into what it takes to get that classic wah wah sound. Including, where to get the 500mH inductor. (hint: it’s actually a audio transformer from Radio Shack… well half of it anyway)

I hope this helps somebody out.

Good luck!