Insect-A-Tron — Circuit bent toy keyboard — schematic

Here is the schematic of the circuit that I added to the Insect-a-tron second hand synth.

joystickStuff 004
You can see a bigger picture if you check out the flickr page here.

NOTE: The 50k pot is a dual (stereo?) and I added two leads coming off the second half. One goes to +v and the other goes to somewhere around the 10k resistor all the way on the left hand side of the left lm386 LFO. There is a switch that will deactivate this second connection. That is what the lower switch on the left of the keyboard controls.

I guess you could say I kinda did a bend on my own circuit.

Here is another… better… video I made of the Insect-A-Tron.

I didn’t realize it but at around 1 minute it almost sounds like the X-Files theme song!!!

Happy Bending!


7 thoughts on “Insect-A-Tron — Circuit bent toy keyboard — schematic

    • First I made an oscillator using the lm386. Its not a sine wave but its kinda like one. Then I experimented with different combinations of the oscillator output to a resistor to the keyboards timing resistor.
      I did it all on a bread board and there was very little electronics expertise and a lot of “let’s see what happens when I connect a wire to this”.
      Once I got it sounding the way I liked… I wrote it all down and soldered it all up.

      There are 2 oscillators in the circuit. The other one was the same process. I think it effected the other oscilator.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      …and thanks for checking out the blog.


      • Thanks for the quick response!

        ‘m currently experimenting and think I’m on the right track now.

        Just one quistion; what does the symbol with the text znz907 means?
        It’s on LFO 1.

        Thanks again!

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