Voice of Saturn – synth – noise generator

I made a VOS (Voice of Saturn) synth a few months ago.

It uses a 555 timer and a 556 dual timer to generate the sound, modulation, and the LFO.

It’s a great little device.

I packaged it into an old medical supplies box and painted the top.

You can find the schematics and kits at http://www.curiousinventor.com/.

They have a lot of really cool stuff and it’s all open source!


8 thoughts on “Voice of Saturn – synth – noise generator

  1. Sounds good. I’d like to try one of these myself and it is on my list. But I keep adding to the list and re-prioritizing. Lather rinse repeat.

    My problem is that anytime I do any of these builds, I have to go thru my parts, figure out what I have and don’t have, then order everything. It’s nice in that my collection grows for future projects… but I end up spending $50-100 each time and this hobby is already expensive! 😀

  2. Well, I think there are other things that are way more fun.

    The trouble with this is the number of potentiometers you have to buy. I would say that it is TOTALLY worth building but with those small breadboard-able (and cheap) pots.

    I have done some experiments with gluing a screw and a wire nut (the nut is the knob) and made a decent enough trimmer pot. They aren’t great but it’s way cheaper than buying them from radio shack.

  3. I avoid RS unless I am desperate. Waaaaaaaaaaay too expensive and they rarely have what I need.

    The pots are my fave thing, but they get expensive. And good quality toggles, also expensive. I need to just admit I need them and order large enough quantities to get a lower price.

    • Of course I love pots too!

      They are just too spendy. And I totally agree that RS sucks but there is one that is 3 blocks from my apartment so it makes it convenient. There is a specialty electronics store but it’s 30 min drive. They have everything but would you believe that they are more expensive.

      Ebay has been my primary source for cheap parts. Great deals there. Especially on IC’s.

      I need to bite the “bulk pots” bullet one of these days too. Just buy 100 or so. That should last me for a month or so.

  4. I typically try to get at least 10 pots each time I order something else. I try to keep 1k/10k/25k/50k/100k/500k/1M/2M on hand, but thats a lot of stuff to track and buy… And then it never fails that when Im building something, I don’t have 1 of the pots and have to order it. Bleh. We used to have a nice electronics parts place here that was resonable but I cant find it or any anymore. So online (Jameco and Mouser, Big Bear, etc) I go.

    Like the amp I’m working on right now… has 4 pots. 1k/10k/10k/25k. I was out of 2 of those, so I popped in some 500ks with a resistor bridged across to drop the resistance. Not quite the same as the actual value of pot, but does the trick until the correct ones arrive.

    No one told me that my projects that cost $1 in caps/resistors/ICs would also need $10+ of pots and toggles. 😀

    My SK-1 bend was like $30 in parts, Ouch.

  5. You’d be surprised at how much $$$ worth of components you can pillage from a discarded TV/VCR combo left by the dumpster. Thrift shops are great for that too. Find the closest thing with a bunch of knobs on it and drop the $3. You’ll also save yourself twitchy weeks of pacing around your mailbox..

    • LOL!
      I have been taking all of the extra TVs at my apartment complex that people leave behind when they purchase their fancy new flat screen.

      The only problem is that most of the TVs don’t have potentiometers anymore. There is still tons of resistors, caps, audio amp ICs etc. that I salvage.

      My fiance things I’m nuts. I will be happy to report to her that I’m not the only one! 😉

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