Wah circuit – IT WORKS!!!

I am super happy to report that the wah circuit that I built from the schematic (2 posts ago) works!!!

I had stated earlier that it just made the volume a little quieter… This is because I am a complete idiot.

I decided to retrace my steps and see if anything was missing or miss-wired. And wouldn’t you know, all kinds of stuff was wrong. (Kids: don’t drink and wire up wah wah pedals circuits… it just doesn’t work.)

I had forgotten to even connect the two op-amps with the .22uF capacitor and the 47k resistor. That was the big one. I found that once I did that and plugged the keyboard in it made a strange oscillator. This is because I had a few other wires that were improperly connected.

Once I fixed it all up… everything worked great. I replaced the 50k pot wah control with a 10k and that seems to create the best control range.

Anyway, try it out because it is pretty simple and there is no inductor. The TL082 can be found at Radio Shack and seems to work great.

Happy soldering!

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