First post, first second hand keyboard, first burnt circuit

I have been experimenting with electronics recently and I really wanted to write about it and share it with people. So that is exactly what I’m gonna do. This blog will be dedicated to my little hobbies and projects and interests. I’m gonna start with electronics and see if I can stay focused on that long enough to keep writing about it. I tend to bounce around a lot so bare with me.

Second Hand Space Keyboard with animal sounds!

Yesterday, I sat down to work on a new project (as if I don’t already have too many). I wanted to take the first crappy second hand keyboard that I found at Value Village (I think) and mod it out.
Space Keyboard from Good Will

I was hoping I could shrink it down into a smaller package and maybe add some cool effects or whatever. Just the excuse I need to learn some more about electronics basics and audio processing and LFO’s and VCF’s and 555’s and 4017’s and… bla bla bla.
Inside the Space Keyboard

I poked and prodded the main chip for a while and found some interesting things. I found the timing resistor which is what I always look for first. Then I found that if I touch two contacts together, the output audio/sound would get all distorted and cool. I don’t know if it was connecting two parts of the circuit in a way as to amplify it or what… all I know is that it sounded really cool.
The motherboard ic to the Space Keyboard
And then it started smoking.

I only got to play with the damn thing for 5 minutes. I didn’t even get to see what the built in potentiometer was for. It was connected directly to the motherboard circuit. Oh well.

It’s too bad too because the keyboard, although really annoying, had some real potential. It’s a space keyboard that plays animal sounds. I have seen similar models on the internet that played almost the same with some different sound. I was thinking that the chip inside would have some cool “Easter Egg” sounds that I could discover.

Oh well, on to the next project I guess.

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